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Book a portrait session

Long Form Sessions

2-3 hours, tintypes and/or film
$425 - at a location of your choice

(Your home or another natural location, 
Vancouver/Washougal area)
$375 - at my home studio in Washougal, WA
Pick one of the below options:
Option A - Tintypes Only
(April-Oct only)

One 8x10" and two 5x7" tintypes. We will take 5 tintypes (two 8x10s & three 5x7s) and you will choose your favorite 3 to keep. You will receive the physical tintypes + digital copies of them.

Option B - Tintypes + Film
April-Oct only)
One 8x10" OR two 5x7" tintypes (physical tintypes + digital copies) We will take one extra tintype, and you choose your favorites to keep. 

A 30 minute film photo session on 35mm + 120mm film. You will receive 15-18 high res edited film photos. 

Option C - Film Only
A two hour film photo session. We will shoot a few rolls of 35mm and 120mm(medium format), and four large format (4x5") portraits. You will receive 35-45 high res edited photos, as well as two 8x10 prints of my choice. 

*If you would like to book your session at a natural location (ie. the Washougal River, or Mt.Tabor) please email me prior to booking to discuss and verify the location. If you need ideas for some potential natural locations, I have a list of good spots!

Please click below to book a long form session.

Short Form Sessions

Tintypes only, 30 - 45 minutes
April-Oct: outdoors, at my home studio in Washougal, WA
Nov-March: indoors, at a private studio in Portland, OR
5x7" tintype: $100/ea
8x10" tintype: $150/ea 
These mini session days will happen twice a month at my home studio in Washougal, WA, with natural light or at an indoor studio in Portland, OR with strobe lights. Each appointment is for one or two tintypes, 8x10" or 5x7".

At my home studio in Washougal, we will be using natural light, so exposure times will be between 3-8 seconds long. At the indoor studio sessions in Portland, we will be using strobe lights so the exposure time will be instantaneous, making this a more friendly option for young children.

No pets at these sessions, sorry! 

These sessions are a bit more fast paced and there will only be time for one reshoot, if it is necessary. If you are looking for a more relaxed, in depth portrait session, I would recommend a "long form session".

Please click below to book a mini session.

Questions? Visit my FAQ page.

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