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Studio Session

These portrait sessions take place at a private studio in Portland, OR in the Mt Tabor neighborhood. A single tintype portrait takes approximately 15 minutes to make from start to finish. These portraits are made using a plain colored backdrop and strobe lights. Because we use strobe lights, the exposure times are instantaneous, making this very friendly for young children. No pets allowed, sorry. 

5x7 tintypes cost $100 each and 8x10 tintypes cost $150 each.

You will also receive a high resolution digital copy of each tintype. You can mix and match sizes, and take as many tintypes as you like.

5x7 tintypes: max 3 adults, max 4 w/ small children

8x10 tintypes: max 4 adults, max 5 w/ small children

These portrait sessions are only available one weekend a month, November-March.

Here are the upcoming studio dates:

November: Saturday the 11th

December: Saturday the 2nd 

January: Saturday the 20th

February: Saturday the 10th

March: TBD

Questions? Visit my FAQ page.

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